Driver Development Simulator

We have ensured the specifications are that of a Professional Race Simulator as used by F1 teams and leading simulator companies across Europe. With constant updates to both our car and track models we are confident we will always have the best race preparation and coaching tool available in Australia and challenge those around the globe.

The use of a Simulator like ours as a tool has seriously added a new dimension to driver coaching, especially as on track testing has become increasingly more difficult in recent years.

The sheer amount of laps that can be done in the simulator fine tuning and trying new driving techniques without the fear factor and expense of crashing is something that allows us to really push the boundaries with every driver.

What You Get

Expert Coaching
Every session there will be a driver coach on hand to help you. We do however actively encourage every driver to bring along their own engineer/coach and we can run the session for you. This allows for the driver and engineer to continue their working relationship.
Dedicated Sim Room
Our sim room allows for a distraction free atmosphere that the driver is able to concentrate on the task in hand, blocking out all external light and sound. Every driver will be connected to their engineer/coach by a live telecom giving the drive constant updates and aid if needed.
Data & Video Analysis
All the telemetry is recorded and viewed on the most advanced data software, which is used by many top level racing teams. The Motec software gives us access to every channel possible, meaning no excuses. We have a large selection of bench mark times from front running professional drivers.


XAP Steering Wheel
As used by GP2, GP3, Formula Renault and Formula 3
3 x 55" HD LED Triple Display Screen
180 Degree Vision to give a full immersive feeling
Hydraulic Brake System
Master Cylinder & Brake Caliper to get the ultimate real feeling and travel on the brake pedal
Electronic Pedal Box
Can be easily adjusted to suit all drivers from 140cm +
Paddle Shift & Dual Clutch
F1 type paddles and clutch system integrated on the steering wheel
Sequential Shifter
Developed with world renowned gearbox manufacture - Quaife Engineering. This is the actual sequential mechanism used on real race cars
Tactile Feedback
Under the seat and back - giving a real feeling over bumps and kerbs
Access to every channel possible - using the latest Motec data analysis software
Live Splits, Data and Video
4 in office screens giving the coach access to critical information through the session
Brake Bias
Actual in car brake bias adjuster - allowing for on the move changes and adjustment
Dedicated Sim Room
Providing a distraction free atmosphere for the driver to concentrate on the task in hand - blocking out all external light and sound
Engineering Quality
Engineered and designed to ISO 9001 standards

Cars & Tracks


Not only do we have access to a vast variety of cars, including all GT classes, Formula 4, Formula Renault, Formula Ford, Formula 3, Production Classes and the list still goes on!

Every single one of our cars has been created on its physical and dimensional specifications of the car, from aero and drag maps to wing size and ride heights to talk curves and engine maps. This all creates a simulation to a 99% accuracy of real life.

We do not believe in using cars readily available to the public, all our cars have had hours spent on them with the worlds leading drivers and data from the teams, before letting our drivers use them.


Having access to every track not only across Australia but the world makes preparing for your next event ever more easier, with track time becoming increasingly expensive and limited. Getting to know the tracks and familiarising yourself with all the characteristics of each track becomes ever more important.

The vast majority of our tracks are laser scanned before being built and tested again by the worlds leading drivers to ensure that they are spot on.

All our tracks are constantly updated as according to the regular FIA bulletins that are released with track updates. This ensures that we are constantly on top of the game, resulting in the best possible preparation for your up and coming races.


  • Experience
  • $150/Hr
  • Experience Car & Track of your choice
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  • Optimum
  • $300/Hr
  • Introduction
  • Car & Track of Choice
  • Data Analysis
  • Benchmark Laptime & Data
  • Video Analysis
  • Data Engineer
  • Live Intercom
  • Option of Sequential/Paddle Shift
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  • Premium
  • $1200*
  • Introduction & Assessment
  • Car and Track of Choice
  • Data Analysis
  • Benchmark Laptime & Data
  • Video Analysis
  • Data Engineer
  • Live Intercom
  • Option of Sequential/Paddle Shift
  • Professional Coach
  • Debrief
  • Driver Report
  • Track Notes, Data and Video to take away
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    *Booking of 4 hours