High Performance

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Carl Jennings is a recipient of the New Zealand Bravery Medal awarded to him in the Queens Birthday Honours in 2016, for an act of extreme bravery.

He is regarded as an expert in the field of athletic development working within elite professional sport as a Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for over 25 years within the NRL Australia, Super 15s Rugby, Great Britain RL, Superleague UK, English Premier League soccer, as well working with many other elite athletes in various sports, including Olympic and world Champions.

His extensive practical experience knowledge and expertise is backed up with a Masters of Exercise Science in Strength & Conditioning.

We Recognize That The Most Important Element Of A Racing Car Is The Driver. Our Elite Driver Development Program Ensures Every Young Aspiring Driver Has The Best Opportunity To Fulfill Their Potential.

Our unique elite driver curriculum focuses on developing the whole athlete by combining high performance physical training with training and support for mental, emotional and cognitive development. We believe it is critical to take a holistic approach to elite driver development, by implementing a curriculum that focusses on physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development of our drivers. It is crucial that all preparation, performance and recovery processes should consider the mental, cognitive, and emotional development of each individual driver within our program.

Along with the physical, technical and tactical development, racing drivers require highly developed decision making, concentration and focus abilities. We integrate this essential aspect of development within our curriculum utilizing our “Driver Brain Gym” a cutting edge sport science program utilizing world leading technology that enhances these required abilities.

A major objective of our elite driver development program is our holistic approach, something which is embedded directly within our Super 6 High Performance values and behaviours that we expect of our drivers and ourselves, which are Humility – Sacrifice – Loyalty – Mental Toughness –  Hard Work – Follow your Dreams that are built into our 4 stages of development, Learning to Train (LTT), Training to Train (TTT), Training to Compete (TTC) and Training to Win (TTW).

Our Services

Wednesday Night Session
Weekly Motorsport specific group training session. Every Wednesday night from 6:30PM to 7:30PM.


Remote Fitness Program
6 week tailored fitness program including an assessment with feedback for those athletes that want to take their fitness to another level.


Individual Nutrition Plan
With a new view to nutritional plans, lasting a lifetime by reviewing current habits and putting the individual to the test by learning how to put knowledge they get taught into practice.


Group Based Nutritional Workshops
2 Hour Workshop focusing on nutritional advice on foods and supplements. Involves designing, making and testing your own health smoothies.

10 People


Building a Map to Success
Developing independent thinking sports people that have clarity on what they need to do for themselves and for their team to achieve success is very powerful, added this to an enhanced ability to regulate their mental and emotional state especially during high pressure situations within preparation and performance becomes the key to high performance.

3 sessions


School Holiday Programs
Utilizing the great outdoors to implement a challenging and inspirational environment for positive change. Activities to improve communication skills, problem solving and ultimately the ability to thrive under internal and external pressure. Improved emotional resilience within your team will improve your productivity and enhance your chances of success in life sport and business.

Price dependent on activity.