One of the most important and vital steps to improving as a driver is through utilising a professional driver coach. Oliver has extensive coaching experience within the European racing scene, with a multitude of race and championship wins to back this up.

With a large variety of coaching techniques, every single time the driver hits the track they will learn something new. This will not only help them develop and grow as a driver but will also keep them eager to get out there.

How often can you find yourself in a rut, driving around the same place without making any progress.


The use of the simulator as a coaching method will only accelerate learning curves as the amount of laps that can be completed in house compared to the track are two worlds apart.

We strongly welcome all drivers to be able to bring with them their engineer or coach to enhance techniques and setups away from the circuit. This also helps keep the relationship between the driver and team strong, making for the best results when they return to the track.

At EurOz we are able to offer a number of coaching methods depending on the style of learning each driver prefers.

We have access to data analysis, Go-Pro onboard video footage, delta times and a live intercom to communicate with the driver at all times. This allows Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic learners to absorb all information in the best way for each individual.


Having coaches that specialise in karting we feel this is a division that can not be forgotten about as all kart racers are the next generation of Australia’s motorsport.

Our coaches are both very successful in their own right, including British and European victories and have achieved great results in their coaching career as well.

Kart coaching can be carried out at all race circuits both in Australia, Asia and elsewhere as creating a elite driver starts at a young age. Engineering the driver for the rest of their career is a process that can be overlooked at times.

No matter what ability you are currently at, we are happy to cater for every aspiring driver to push them to new limits. From Cadets right through to Masters we are able to apply our knowledge so that you can perform better on track.

Karting to Cars Transition

For drivers who are making the transition from karting to cars, we are fully aware of how difficult and costly this process can be. We believe this is an area that is crucial in every driver’s career, thus resulting in the reason we have developed a simulator assessment, testing all areas a driver will have to adapt to when driving cars.