Driver Training Simulators

Driver Training Simulators
Our Evo GT and F1 are stocked items so can be dispatched immediately anywhere in the world depending on options.

At Pro-Sim we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of motorsport simulation using a vast knowledge of premium design engineering and high quality materials to provide simulators with accuracy and precision not yet seen on the simulator market.

Working with teams and drivers from a diverse range of racing backgrounds in single seater, prototype and GT categories around the globe, we have been able to use a wealth of feedback to push to the absolute limits giving our customers components, tracks and car models with the closest feel to the cars reality as possible.

Immerse yourself in the accessibility of premium design engineering; it’s time for the evolution of quality and attention to detail in simulation that has established our achievement as the industry leader. Our extensive client base boasts a huge variety of driver backgrounds in GT, prototypes and single seater categories from across the globe. Clients use the training simulator at our head office on a daily basis and have become accustomed to expect nothing but the best which ensures we stay on top of our game in the simulator market and keeps us innovating and moving forward.

Pro-Sim Evolution Simulators are the only truly professional grade driver training tools with a compact design and affordable price tag available. We set out to make a range of simulators that would offer the same level of quality as our main training simulator but on a smaller scale and in the most cost effective way possible.We achieved this by keeping the same steering system and an improved pedal box that remains electronically adjustable. These existing components are mounted to our specially designed frame that includes so much adjustability that practically anyone can find their perfect driving position and pedal position layout. Despite the amount of adjustability the frame remains completely rigid and there is absolutely no flex at all and still quick and easy to adjust which was the real challenge. The frame is designed and CNC machined in house using the best quality materials and finishes available to ISO 9001 standards.

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The Evolution GT has a driving position that accurately represents a wide range of GT cars. The driving position is completely adjustable and we fit a race specification Sparco bucket seat as standard. We are also able to integrate your own seat into the simulator so that you get the exact same feeling on track and on the simulator.

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The Evolution F1 has a driving position that accurately represents a wide range of single seater cars. As well as the standard adjustments on the frame the seat is also adjustable up and down to change the drop from the pedal box to the base of seat. This is important as modern day F1 cars have a large drop but in the junior formulas this drop can be very small. We also have create our own seat designed for comfort over long periods of use with low sides to prevent injury to elbows and padding to the seat back with leather and suede covering.

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The Evolution II is our flagship model which is totally unique to us. This simulator is ideally suited to the commercial environment, sim centres or just the driver that wants the perfect position! With our Evo II you get the added adjustment of pedal height and also seat recline angle to accurate replicate the driving position of GT cars to F1 cars and everything possible inbetween along with our standard reach adjustment of the pedals and the seat is still on runners as well. The seat is free to adjust from the pedals to create an infinite number of positions, if you cannot get comfortable here you have no chance in the real car!

Call for Price: 0475 398 961