Weight: 0.30kg
Dimensions: 0.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm

Price: $495.00
Ex Tax: $450.00


The Rapfix Racing is a new innovative quick release that actually allows a quick release to be quick to use. Unlike typical quick release bosses where splines need to be lined up to get the wheel back on again, the Rapfix Racing can be placed on in any orientation and when spun finds its original centre point. The Rapfix racing does this by using its patented ball bearing system.

This system also means that unlike the typical quick release boss where the splines are worn away during use, eventually allowing there to be play in the steering. The ball bearing system however is spring loaded so as any wear takes places the ball bearings take this play up again meaning that the steering remains good and solid all the time. As a result the Rapfix Racing lasts a lot longer than a typical quick release which is the reason why we supply with all our Pro-Sim Evolution Simulators.

Bolt Pattern: 3x 50.8mm at wheel and shaft ends


Eight holes grooved in the plug side match the delicate steel balls used in the bearing. This provides a firm lock for both radial and lateral movement. The steel balls are released into the “free” position when the sleeve is pulled, then the socket can be detached from the plug. The sleeve section, once pulled, is locked. Once remounted onto the plug section, the sleeve automatically locks back into position.


When reattaching a separated Rapfix unit back onto it’s hub, the position of the wheel does not matter due to the fact that the Rapfix will only lock back into place in the same position in which it was disconnected. Other quick release mechanisms require the wheel to be positioned in a specific location before reattaching the wheel. Furthermore, Works Bell’s unique technology ensures that there is no shakiness or play because the steel balls keep constant and consistent pressure on the plug at any time. Therefore, it plays a big part in the driver’s severe steering wheel operation. In addition, in order to establish the reliability of Rapfix Racing in a race, a new mechanics, Cam Lock, whick certainly locks the radial loads by combining the plug and the socket, is adopted. Therefore, security is guaranteed by putting the Cam Lock System together with the Ball Lock System.