Simulator Gear Shifters

Simulator Gear Shifters
With Quaiffe Engineering being notorsiously known in the motorsport world for creating world leading gearboxes and differentials, this is an area of expertese for us. With all shifters being designed from real life mechanisms to give you the ultimate feel when using a simulator. With all the different shifters being reviewed by many simulator companies around the globe dont just take our word for it.

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With the help from world renowned Quaife Engineering we have created the best H pattern shifter available for the simulator. We felt the simulator market was crying out for an H pattern shifter that actually felt like driving a real car and not just pressing a few buttons on the end of a lever. Our H pattern is like the Sequential we sell and is an extremely robust design that you can really use hard without fear of breaking anything. Our design is an 8 speed shifter with 6 forward gears and two extra gears for reverse that are located beyond the reverse interlock on the gear lever accessed by pushing the lever down and across to the left, this gives you the option of reverse forward or backwards.

$2,629.00 Ex Tax: $2,390.00

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