Brand: Pro-Sim
Weight: 6.00kg
Dimensions: 0.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm

Price: $913.00
Ex Tax: $830.00


We have developed this V2 shifter as an evolution of our V1, so the diferences are minimal but well placed. The general feedback was that everyone loved the feel of the V1 but it was on the loud side. With this in mind we tested a number of solutions and came up with this V2. The new PSL V2 feels exactly the same as the last V1 shifter but will just be quieter, it is by no means silent but there is no annoying ring or resonance that came with the V1 it is more of a solid thump and at a considerably lower level than the V1. We also worked on reducing the secondary clunk which was the claw hitting back into position, which is what made it seem even louder as there was 2 distinct noises. We have used a very hard wearing silicone rubber as well to ensure the life is still very good from the shifter and it has been tested extensively before release.

Having said all of the above there were a lot of customers that were happy with the V1 and did not find the noise a problem so I feel it was exaggerated somewhat on forums but we wanted to make the best possible product and to please more people. We needed to reduce the noise and this is the maximum we will reduce it now to keep the feel the same which is obviously the most important part.

We have tested the noise on the V2 and it comes in at 75Db measured next to the mechanism which is exactly the same as our H pattern. There is variation on what it it mounted to though, with our other sequential shifter and H pattern the body is made from solid aluminium which absorbs most of the vibration but with the PSL having thinner steel plates some vibration is transferred to the mounting surface. This is one reason why we think there is a difference on opinions on noise, if noise is of concern we suggest mounting the shifter on something similar to this;

As per the V1 everything is still CNC machined and heat treated throughout for the highest quality product on the market. We are using the same electronics which is a Leo Bodnar board with magnetic switches to sense the gear shifts for the ultimate reliability.


The shifter is supplied as a stand alone USB game controller device and will be compatible with all major racing games on PC. It may also be possible to connect the shifter to a USB keyboard emulator for use on Playstation® for example.