Simulator Gear Shifters

Simulator Gear Shifters
With Quaiffe Engineering being notorsiously known in the motorsport world for creating world leading gearboxes and differentials, this is an area of expertese for us. With all shifters being designed from real life mechanisms to give you the ultimate feel when using a simulator. With all the different shifters being reviewed by many simulator companies around the globe dont just take our word for it.

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The Pro-Sim Lite simulator sequential gear shifter V2 has been developed in conjunction with Quaife Engineering. The internals are based on an original real Quaife gearbox design that gives the same in gear ‘thump’ feeling from a real car. The completely solid and robust design weighs a reassuring 2.8kg as it is made from hardened steel providing outstanding durability.

This is a USB device that is compatible with nearly any racing game including iRacing, rFactor, Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, DiRT Rally and many many more on PC and can be used on PS4 with the use of a keyboard USB emulator PCB (not supplied).

$913.00 Ex Tax: $830.00

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Our sequential sim shifter has been exclusively developed with world renowned gearbox manufacture Quaife Engineering. This shifter is the exact same mechanism used on a current production Quaife gearbox so the feeling is exactly the same as driving a real car. Being from a real car also means it is extremely robust and you can be very aggressive without the fear of breaking anything. This shifter is also a work of art and with the Perspex cover you are able to see the complete mechanism working on every gear change which is something very special.

$1,650.00 Ex Tax: $1,500.00

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Shaft extension for all Pro-Sim gear shifters

Add up to 150mm extra length with 75mm of adjustment.

Bright zinc plated steel shaft. Suitable for use with most universal gear knobs with the M10x1.5 thread.

Quaife nylon gear knob not included.Please contact if you would like it as an optional extra.

$88.00 Ex Tax: $80.00

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