Driver Training

Driver Training
Utilising our professional race simulator, coaching for upcoming races and tests becomes evermore easier. If you're wanting to learn a track, a car or simply stay sharp and ahead of the rest thats where we come in. Ensuring all of our drivers attend every event prepared and ready to succeed.

All prices excluding the bundle option are for 1 hour.

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If you're wanting to experience a professional race simulator, or simply get as many laps in as you can, this is for you. This is a session based purely around your driving, we dont use any of the data, intercom or live telemetry.

$150.00 Ex Tax: $136.36

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Using every tool we have availible at EurOz, we are able to work exceptionally closely with a driver. Making use of a professional coach, MoTeC benchmark data, Intercom and much more!

$300.00 Ex Tax: $272.73

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If you see yourself becoming a regular and want to ensure your ready for every race, then why not save $100 per hour and buy 10 hours upfront!

$2,000.00 Ex Tax: $1,818.18

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