The EurOz and Super 6 CAMPS are designed to combine all elements of driver development into a short and concise 2 day training camp.

Available to all drivers of every ability, pushing each and every one of them to new limits

Our first Driver CAMPS is to be ran during the next NSW School Holidays

New Comers December 16th - 17th

CAMPS 2 December 17th - 18th

$250* per person

*excluding GST

What You Get

Map to Success Workshop
A group workshop for all drivers to understand and try and find their hidden gains.

Through this informative and interactive workshop, you'll be exposed to processes and systems which are required to help you "Build Your Own Map To Success". This is an extremely powerful process that will help you create the best version of yourself, enabling you to achieve your full potential in both racing and your life.

Sim - Driving under Pressure
Driving under pressure is a large part of what we teach all of our drivers.

Internal or external pressure trigger the same reaction in the brain and so we can replicate this pressure by increasing the drivers heart rate on the rowing machine and then straight onto the simulator for a few laps.

This is a great way to see how your brain reacts to pressure and how you will deal with added pressures during a normal race scenario

Sim - The importance of data analysis
Data Analysis has become a large part of racing in recent years as the technology improves all of the time.

Even in the low levels of karting, you can receive a lot of data from the newest logging systems such as a Mychron 5. The issue is if you do not understand what you are looking at it makes it much more difficult to find improvements in both the setup and the driver.

Sim - Fundamentals of driving
Learning the techniques in driving a race car on the simulator in a no pressure environment.

Focuses deeply on braking techniques and throttle application in both single seaters and touring cars.

We will also run a brief understanding of car setup and how aerodynamics effect how the car behaves

Simulator Assessment
A short assessment on the simulator to understand strengths and weaknesses that the driver needs to work on.

This concentrates on reactions times, precision, pressure, and technique rather than a specific lap time to hit.

Fitness Assessment
Undergo a full fitness assessment a Super 6 HP. Letting you as an individual understand where you lie on the High Performance line.
Nutritional Workshop
A fun and interactive workshop in which you will create your own smoothies and be involved in the planning of your food diary in which you can take away from the 2 day course
Brain Gym Teaser
Trial of our latest bit of driver performance hardware. The "brain gym" is a piece of equipment that allows us to train the brain's neural pathways to allow each driver an easier way to reach optimum performance
Fitness Group Session
1 hour session incorporating our special driver program

This focuses on a drivers fitness levels, core strength and extremities such as neck, wrist and ankle strength.

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